Alarm Control Panel






Indoors for Commercial/Residential use.

The CP-108 provides eight monitored zones, siren and strobe outputs, auxiliary and switched power terminals for peripherals.
Settings and controls are easy to operate using the Alphanumeric Keypads and LCD Screen.

Product Features

■ Simple LCD Menu Control
■ Easy Quick Arm and Home Arm.
■ Handy Wireless Remote Arm/disarm
■ 3 Emergency Keys
■ 16, 4-digit User Codes
■ Test Modes
■ Reliable Reporting
■ Dual, Split, or Back-up Reporting
■ End of line monitoring
■ Telephone line cut monitoring
■ Built-in on-board modem
■ ADEMCO CID and SMS message formats
■ Alarm memory
■ Complete System
■ 8 zones each fully programmable wired or wireless
■ 3 emergency keys reporting to separate “Soft Zones”
■ Siren, strobe and auxiliary outputs 


Product Specifications