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Presence Sensor

6m range Ceiling Mount



CP-206, 6m range


Micro-movement detection

Ceiling Presence Recess-Mount

Commercial application

Product Features

■ HDIR    8-Element IR Detector with unique optical lens design for small-motion detection within a 6-meter circle.
■ Wide Range Operating Temperature (-10℃ to +55℃).
■ Adjustable 30s – 30min for delay "OFF” time.
■ Adjustable sunset sensor to enable lighting only when ambient light is low.
■ Selectable Detection Sensitivity for different applications / environments.
■ Tightly-mated bug guard protects the sensor optics from insects, spiders and dust.
■ LED indicator for testing purpose.
■ Spring Clips Mount for drop ceiling & Trim Ring for solid ceiling.


Product Specifications

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